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Sexy Spring Trends with Burlington and Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams Mamarazzi 2
Sad that you read the entire series of 50 shades of Grey and now you’re like what am I suppose to do now. Well move over 50 Shades, there’s a new book in town. Superstar Wendy Williams brings on the heat in her first ever exotic romance novel (muy caliente). Thanks to The Moms Network and Burlington I had the opportunity to meet Wendy and chat about her new book “Hold Me In Contempt” and even got the wear a new outfit for the event. #burlingtonootdWendy Williams Mamarazzi 3

I must say the chat with Wendy was fire!! She answered questions such as:

Who are some of your favorite authors?
Jackie Collins–I met her season 2 of my show and I adore her. I love Robert Green and one of my favorite books that I keep on my nightstand is the “48 Laws of Power”.

What would you tell your 28-year-old self?
First of all, I would not use a lot of conversation because I had a very hard head at that point in my life and I would not have trusted what a 50-year-old woman would say to me. Many 28-year-old girls think that 50 is ancient, what I can tell her is don’t worry young Wendy, it’s all going to be better than you think. (and so it did)

Why did you decide to write your first romance novel?
I wasn’t ready to write the second part to my NY Times best-selling auto-biography because I have more life that I want to live before giving you a part 2. Romance was my next obvious choice, that proved to be effortless.
Wendy Williams Mamarazzi 2

Ladies (some men too) I advise you to pick up a copy of this book. This was a well written book that emulated the characters to a T. The writing style was very much Wendy Williams and sounded as though she was reading it to me. It was an interesting that all of the drama happened in a time span of about three weeks, but included various flashbacks of history for a better understanding of the characters. I enjoyed it and if you like drama, seduction and urban living you will too.

Now let me strike a pose for you!!outfit
Spring is one of my favorite seasons because of the fashion. I love to throwing on a blazer over a floral top and I of course the cropped jeans. Thanks to The Moms Network and Burlington I had the opportunity to add some pieces to my spring wardrobe. I shop at Burlington all the time (I can seriously walk around the stores with my eyes shut) so it was easy peasy to get around all the departments. I ended up picking out a flowy blouse that tied in the front. One of my favorite departments has to be the jewelry section!! So I picked up a chunky cuban link necklace to add some bling….still had some money left so I also got a phenomenal statement necklace for.. get ready…$12.99…yes!!! Who can say no to a $12.99 statement necklace What a score!!! It looks so high-end. Let me know what you think of my choices.

Thank you to The Moms Network, Burlington Coat Factory, Wendy Williams, and Hudson Bond for the space.

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