Dr. Browns Options

downloaYou moms asked for it and they gave it to you! Allow me to introduce Dr. Browns Options.

You can now use their perfectly crafted bottles with or without the inner tube and vent.

Originally created for premature infants who’s digestive system needs a little more TLC, have grown as a favorite for moms of all babies. We all know having a newborn with an upset tummy or full of gas is no fun. Why invest in gas drops and other tools when you can avoid all the fussiness from day one.

The original “Natural Flow” has evolved to a wide neck and even glass option. Do not fret if these are your favorite they will not disappear off the shelves.

You can currently find the Dr. Browns Options in Babies R Us and a 3 pack will cost you $17.99 (same as the natural flow).

They will be in the specialty retailer Buy Buy Baby starting next week and in Target and other retailers beginning in August.

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Disclaimer: A writer from Mami Does It All attend a brunch and received a gift bag. All opinions are $100 mines.

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