20 Random Facts About Me

I was recently tagged on Instagram by a few bloggers to post up 20 random facts about myself. At first I was like “thank you but no thank you I already share enough with my audience”. I’m a very private person so this would be extremely difficult for me, but I thought what the heck, either I’m all in or not in at all. Here goes 20 random facts about me. Enjoy..

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20 Random Facts About me

  1. I am allergic to shell fish. I remember when I was about 8 years old my family and I went to an Ecuadorian restaurant. My mom ordered a seafood soup and I ate almost almost all of it. The feeling of not being able to breath was horrendous. So I’m basically a cheap date. (take me to the steak house).
  2. I love Coca Cola. Like when I say love I mean addictive. Yes I know its terrible for your health blah blah blah. I still love it and need a can at least once a week (I’m lying twice a week ok ok three times a week).
  3. I have known my husband since I was four. We grew up attending the same church and he couldn’t resist but to fall in love with me. What can say I got it like that. (shhh Dont tell him)
  4. I hate my accent. I rather not talk about it.
  5. Im a drummer. I started playing at the age of eight at church with my dad’s band. Im retired now.
  6. I love to cook. I can cook latin, italian, american name it I’ll make you a plate. (from scratch)
  7. I am the only girl in between two brothers.
  8. I was born in Honduras and moved to the USA at the age of four.
  9. I was arrested at 6 months old for crossing the border.
  10. I hate cleaning.
  11. I love thrift shopping (my husbands hates it).
  12. I coupon. (Im not a hoarder I repeat Im not a hoarder)
  13. I was a teenage mom. (Thats another story maybe one day I will share it)
  14. I love all types of monkeys.
  15. I was an athlete in junior high and high school. I played in the basket ball team, and track team.
  16. I have four children. Two boys two girls. (yes they are all from the same dad…I get asked this question all the time….its annoying)
  17. I strongly believe in plastic surgery as long its not compulsive (planning to get a mommy makeover).
  18. My parents moved to Florida this year and I cry every night cause I miss them so much.
  19. I love living in NYC. (Concrete jungle where dreams are made up)
  20. I started blogging because I seemed to be a go to person for parenting questions. I can just answer here duh.

Now Im tagging a few other bloggers. I tag Delia from InBliss01, Shirley from New Mommy Bliss and Denise from Beauty By Denise 101

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