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Some Girl Talk with American Girl & Momtrends #AGGirlTalk


It seems as kids get older its harder to parent them. They’re confused you’re confused. What a mess! But there is hope in the end of the tunnel. Thanks to Mom Trends I was able to have some girl talk at the the American Doll store in NYC discussing  the Care & Keeping series a new two-part book. Having two girls its made me realize that darn its hard to talk about all those sensitive subjects. The book is designed to help both parent and daughter to feel more comfortable in discussing awkward topics. 22363943655_f0b2e9677d_z

At the event I shared my story of my oldest getting her period in summer camp and how guilty I felt that I was not there to help her for her first time ever. The situation was devastating for me as well as for my daughter.Dr. Cara Natterson the writer assured me that everything was going to be ok after I let the waterfalls out. ( I’m a cry baby). This book is must if you have girls. My 9 year old daughter loves this book set. She has read it and re-read it. But the best thing about it is how it has opened up our communication. This book encourages girls to talk to their parents and my daughter has had MANY questions or comments she wanted to share with me. Not because the book doesn’t answer a lot of her questions, but because it encourages dialog. It has been great that, at an age when girls may start pulling away from their mothers, we are even more actively engaged in conversation.


The Kit includes The Care & Keeping of Us: A How-To-Say-It Book for Girls, The Care & Keeping of Us: A How-To-Say-It Book for Moms, and The Care & Keeping of Us: A Book for Girls and Their Moms to Share.Authors: Dr. Cara Natterson and Emma MacLaren Henke. Ages 8+. You can purchase the book here.

Disclosure: I was invited as media to attend this event.  A book was given to me to review All opinions are mines as always.

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