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Mami Madness Mondays: 4 Reasons Why I Will Not Let My Tween Get Acrylic Nails

Lately the trends for tweens have me quite confused. I keep thinking why are these girls trying to grow up so fast. I have one tweenager and another one coming up. So it concerns me when my child comes home and asks if she can get acrylic nails. CHILD!!! You need to slow your role and go play with some piggy paint. I’m just tired of these ridiculous trends! I will not be pressured by trying to keep up with the Jonses. You want to know why I will not bend my reasons..well lucky for you I listed 4 below.

1) They are HARMFUL to nails. I have gotten acrylic tips plenty of times to know that they just mess up your natural nail. Every time Ive had them on I quickly regret it cause I’m literally freaking up my nails and paying someone to do it. The chemicals in acrylic nails include resins and formaldehyde, which have been shown to cause cancer. Why the heck will I expose my kid on purpose to this!56cb31431500002b000b0742

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2) Let your kid be a kid. We are living in a time where every little girl wants be a Rhianna. Not to point fingers at her but I do not want my tween to think its age appropriate to mimic her look. I don’t want to push my daughters to grow up faster then they need too. There will be enough time for all that mess when they become crazy teenagers, but for now we going to play with some barbies.


3) You Know it cost from $20-$50 to get them done! Times that every two weeks for the filling then add designs that’s a lot of coins. I would rather save that money for a family getaway or even for college. Lets teach our kids to be smart with money, and not be wasteful on unnecessary things.


4) Tiffany and Mary Lou got them done. If Tiffany and Mary Lou jump of a building would you? I don’t know about you but I want my girls to think for themselves. Independent girls with positive body images. Just because a certain group of girls are doing this that and the fourth does not mean they have to. Teaching your kids to cope with peer pressure from an early age is powerful!


This might not reflect everyone’s opinions and I’m not trying pass judgement on any one who lets their tweens get acrylic nails. This is a decision me and my husband have made and believe that its the best choice for our girls. Instead of acrylic we are sticking to plain old nail polish and we might even add some gems to go crazy.

Do you let your tween put on acrylic nails? Do you have some alternatives to acrylic?


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