Mami Madness Monday: My 9 year old is Bossy. So What!!

Esther has always been a little smarter then her peers. By the age of 3 she was speaking in complete sentences and bossing everyone around including her siblings. I saw this characteristic as positive since I just figured she was sassy with brains…. Until another mom pointed out that some girls didn’t want to play with her at a preschool picnic. I seconded guessed my own kid and it didn’t feel good. I ended up having a discussion about the situation with her teacher. She quickly reassured me that there was nothing wrong and to let her be because the last thing I want to do is squash her natural leadership qualities. After much deliberation I came to the conclusion that that’s who she is. My daughter is bossy so what!!FB_IMG_1461035563342

Communicating with her helped her be aware that sometimes people might perceive her trying to be a leader into being mean. Having a pep talk every morning before school has helped her socially tremendously. Here are a few things we talk about to help her through her day.

1) A leader doesn’t yell, or give orders instead, they ask kindly.

2) Leaders don’t over talk when someone else is speaking , instead they are polite and wait their turn.

3) A leader works well in a group and cares about their peers feelings.

Let them know that these are great qualities of a good friend too. Most importantly remember to act positive with your child so that they don’t feel that they are the ‘bad guy’. Accept that your child is a natural born leader and that it totally rocks!!


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