MMM : My Confesion Of My Struggle Of Doing It All Part2

So Im still sane guys!!  I might not be 100% but I’m pulling through.

So as I prep for summer plans , I’m trying not overbear my family. We usually have the entire summer planned out.Meaning every weekend we have something to do. This year I’m scrapping that. We don’t have to visit every museum and beach this year. As a blogger I get enough opportunities to attend great events. So my plan is that after summer camp we will do some events and just chill. No sports this summer, no music lessons, no theater. Nada nothing! I know what you think planning is such an essential part of keeping your family organized. But that;s the thing, we are always on a schedule and never get to just wing it.

We will be winging it this summer!

Not to say that we wont go to the beach or to one or two museums. What I’m saying is that not every Saturday will be planned out as is every summer for us. My kids and I need a break from that structured life. It works great during the school year because we need to be structured. But we are going to be hippies this summer. We might even just pack a our bags and drive to cabin in the woods for a week and just eat the fish we catch (or we can buy burgers and grill them just in case papi doesn’t catch any.) This summer is going to be a relaxed not frills summer.


Do you structure out your entire summer for your family or do  you wing it?

So every other week I will try to fill you in on what I’m struggling with as I try to do it all. Make sure you check out my first post here. These are just rants of what real parenting is for me. I hope moms and dads can relate to what I deal with everyday of my life.

MMM stands for Mami Madnes Mondays


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