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MMM: Kids are at Summer Camp and I am Bored Out of my Mind

So its the third week without any kids and I am bored out of my mind. Has it come to a point that my life only exist around my children’s schedule. I find myself watching cartoons and coloring. What in the world is wrong with me!?!? On July the forth the hubs and I just stayed home and binge watched a show on netflix. As we heard all the fireworks from our window we almost cried since it was the first time ever away from the kids on a fourth of July. I thought to my self they must feel the same way. They must miss us as much as we miss them. Um no…they were having the time of their lives at camp. I called them the next day and my littlest Abraham kept saying “it’s so cool mami I’m having so much fun”. I was expecting I miss you mami please come get me.

The entire point of us sending the kids to camp was to have some time to our selves, to reconnect as a couple, to have me time. Instead I was crying like a little baby missing my kids. I miss them so much it hurts. Is this normal or am I insane? Me and Danny just literally sit on the sofa watching tv eating takeout. Have I become those boring moms who’s highlight of the week is her trip to Target. I guess sleeping cant count as a hobby. I cant honestly say I cant wait for my kids to come back from camp because I am bored out of my mind with out them.

Enjoy some pics of my kids at summer camp as I cry!13658976_1111630008894529_262088141721636846_n 13669051_1111121205612076_7043395331880240041_nIMG_0789

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