Elena of Avalor Premiers Today!

T​he Disney Channel will premiere the anticipated new animated series ELENA OF AVALOR today July 22nd! Princess Elena will be surrounded by an enchanting group of multi-dimensional characters throughout the series, all with their own intriguing personalities and backstories. Just as some of Elena’s hobbies include playing the guitar and fencing, and her beloved sister Isabel is an inventor who will show off numerous inventions throughout the season, all the characters from ELENA OF AVALOR have something to offer the enchanting world of Avalor!

ELENA​ (voiced by Aimee Carrero)​

Elena, the 16-year-old ascendant to the throne of Avalor, an enchanted fairytale kingdom inspired by diverse Latin and Hispanic cultures, is learning to rule as crown princess until she is old enough to be queen.

Fun Fact: In addition to learning how to rule her kingdom, Elena’s interests include playing the guitar and fencing.


ISABEL (voiced by Jenna Ortega)

Isabel is Elena’s younger sister. She looks up to Elena and is very good at helping her formulate clever plans to save the day.
Fun Fact: Isabel is a budding inventor

NAOMI (voiced by Jillian Rose Reed)

Naomi is Elena’s best friend who she appoints to her Grand Council, which advises Elena on royal matters and approves her decisions.
Fun Fact: Naomi is the daughter of the harbormaster, who is responsible for all the trading ships arriving and departing Avalor City.


GABE (voiced by Jorge Diaz)

Gabe is a rising star of the Royal Guard.
Fun Fact: Gabe’s father is a baker who wanted him to take over the family business, but Gabe was so inspired by Elena’s defeat of the evil sorceress, that he joined the Royal Guard to serve alongside her.


MATEO (voiced by Joseph Haro)

Mateo is another one of Elena’s best friends, who she appoints as Avalor’s Royal Wizard.
Fun Fact: Mateo carries a tamborita which is inspired by the drums used by the Mapuche “Machi” (shaman) in Chile.


SKYLAR (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui)

Skylar is part of a trio of jaquins (magical flying creatures) who help Elena on her journey as she learns how to rule her kingdom.
Fun Fact: Jaquins are part jaguar/part macaw – both indigenous animals to Latin America.cat

MIGS (voiced by Chris Parnell)

Migs is Skylar’s best friend who has somewhat of a gruff manner, but is loyal to the end.
Fun Fact: Migs has traveled quite a bit more than the other two jaquins, so he is a surprising source of knowledge and has a great deal of common sense wisdom that they don’t have.

LUNA (voiced by Yvette Nicole Brown)

Luna is the daredevil of the group. She is always up for the next adventure on Elena’s journey as she learns how to rule her kingdom.
Fun Fact: Luna is Skylar’s cousin.luna

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