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Getting Organized for Back to School with @Ebags

ebagsI am a mom of four and to keep me from becoming insane I try to be as organised as I can. I also try to teach my kids that organization is key in order to  be productive. So as the school year begins its always a great idea to blast off being prepared and organized. This early preparation can help pave a successful school year. So in the spirit of organization we have teamed up with Ebags to showcase some incredible products to keep both parents and kids organized this school year.


1) JanSport Big Student Backpack  for $45.90

We must of course start of with the right backpack. I always tend to lean towards backpacks with lots of pockets to keep all school supplies in its correct location.  We are big fans of the JanSport brand. Its when fashion meets functionality. This JanSport offers many compartments perfect to organize all school essentials. Your child can be fashionable and organized!




2) Wildkin Emerald Green Double Decker Lunch Bag on sale for $23.19

The kids have to eat right. So this lunch box is not an ordinary lunch box. It has two separate compartments for multiple snacks and a a plastic box in the bottom portion which keeps the food from getting mushed. lunch box

3) Kipling Fabian Pencil Case on sale for $19.99

This little case is great for holding all the little things that get lost in the backpacks, including pencils and pens.  Plus do you see that cute monkey.

pencil5) High Road SwingAway; Driver Organizer XL on sale for $15.99

To keep everything organized in the car for drop off and pickups The High Road organizer definitely will do its job.



6) High Road 5A Triple USB Car Charger for Smartphones and Tablets on sale for 12.80

These days most kids have cell phones to keep in communication with their parents. My tweens both have cell phones and to make sure their cell juice is up the High Road triple charger offers the solution for multiple devices.



Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mines as always.





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