5 Tips To Get Your Tween Ready For Middle School

I remember my first day of middle school…. I wore black jeans with suspenders and a pair of Reeboks and a was literally shaking in them. My mom droped me off and as I was saying goodbye to her I wanted to start crying but of course I didn’t but sugar honey iced tea I really wanted to. It was such a shock, all the kids were giants and I felt so out of place. What relief when I saw my friend from elementary school. As the months passed it did get better but I will never forget that first day.

Starting middle school can be scary for some tweens as it was for me. To help your tween adjust, begin discussing the types of changes they can expect long before that first day of school. Take your time  to answer any questions your child might have. Here are a few steps you can take to prepare your tween for middle school.5 Tips To Get Your Tween Ready For Middle School

1) When I first started speaking to my tween about middle school I started it positive.

We talked about how she was going to have a locker and have a little more independence. We talked about all the clubs her school offered and discussed what  were some she was interested in joining. Since we live in NYC we also talked about getting her a wallet for her school metro card.

2) Ask your tween what are some fears they might have.

I am grateful that I have a great relationship with my tween so talking about what scares her about middle school was easy. I try not to be pushy but I did mention some topics that I think she might have concerns with. For example we talked about  besties growing apart and how thats ok since sometimes friends are meant to be in your life for a certain time in your life.

3)  Talk about physical changes.

Nowadyas kids are entering puberty really early. So by speaking to your tween about it before it happens will save you and them a headache. Periods, pubic hairs, boobs ,pimples and stiffies yes you need to have that awkward conversation with your kids.

4)  Bullying 

Middle school kids are extra cruel. Talk to your tween on how to deal with bullies and when its time to let an adult know whats happening. Also mention not participate in bullying. Sometimes parents put a blind eye on that specific problem.

5)  A little Independence?

Independence comes with responsibility. This milestone should be approached carefully and with a lop of reparation. Take time to transition your tween from constantly being supervised at home, and check-up on them periodically to make sure they are using their time wisely.


I hope this tips can help you with transitioning ypur kids into middle school. What are some tips you have for this crucial moment and child’s life?




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