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4 Tips On Travelling with Babies On The Road

Traveling during the holidays is stressful enough, but when you have a newborn, there is an added level of anxiety. As any parent will tell you, road trips with children of any age are challenging. But newborns require extra attention and a little extra preparation. With some careful planning those long drives to visit family and friends can be relatively easy and without worry.

  1. Travel while they sleep: Newborns sleep an average of 17 hours a day, so that gives you plenty of time to drive, while your baby is in a peaceful slumber. Plan your trip around naptimes or hit the road when you know your baby will be ready for a longer sleep.
  2. Frequent breaks: Infants nurse or bottle feed every few hours, so during a long road trip, plan for frequent stops. During those brief breaks, you can feed your baby safely, change diapers, and give your little one a break from the car seat.
  3. Provide entertainment: There will likely be times during a long drive that your infant is awake. Just like older kids, babies get bored, too. But a little entertainment can keep your little one occupied and fuss-free in the car. Invest in a few stimulating toys that can hang from the car seat before your trip.
  4. Use a portable baby monitor: Keep an eye on your rear-facing infant from the front seat with the zooby Car and Home video baby monitor by infanttech. This portable monitor is a must-have for traveling parents. The wireless monitor includes night vision so even if you’re driving at night, you can watch your little one as they sleep. The zooby comes in a variety of plush styles that babies and toddler will love.


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