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My family and I had the privileged to have the ARMADA 2017 as a means of transportation for a week, no one was more excited than me of course. Just the way it looks was breath taking with its 22’rims and custom tires and sleek body work I knew that it was a true chemistry between us.
The first thing that I noticed was the beautiful leather interior that felt like if you walking into an office, the perfectly knitted outline of every seat and all the detail that was put throughout the entire interior is a work of art. It has three row seating which work perfectly for my family of 6. My kids really enjoy the fact that they could control the third-row space while they watched their favorite movie with the mounted screens, which by the way leads me to the next topic the factory speakers are awesome. Whether you watching a movie or listening to your favorite songs the sound is awesome and it keeps all the noise from the outside exactly where it’s supposed to be outside. My oldest son really like the fact that he can use the wireless Bluetooth head phones to listen to his own music. This truck has everything you need for a road trip.
Once l sat behind the wheel of this bad boy I felt like a man ready to begin his long-awaited voyage to the unknown, unfortunately it was just New York city and all the traffic that comes with it. The very first thing I notice was all the safety features that it has, so weather it’s a person crossing in front of you or a bicyclist the Armanda is equipped with motion sensors all around the truck that beeps whenever someone gets close. What l really like is whenever I was sitting in traffic a pop up reminder would tell you to look around to make sure no one or any vehicles would be sneaking into your blind spot, which I found extremely impressive because being a professional driver that is the number one safety rule when you are sitting in traffic. This truck also has multiple angles for when you are backing up which is always useful especially in the city where you have to park in tight spaces.
Now for the moment of truth how does this machine drives, well it did not disappoint it feels like if you’re on a cloud its V8 engine makes you think that it will be noisy and a little heavy to drive but it was smooth hitting the pot holes from the BQE and the L.I.E in stride and I didn’t feel any of the bumps. It felt great when I had the truck full of groceries and my family and I didn’t feel any weight on the steering wheel. I must say that if you are thinking of a great luxurious and powerful but sleek SUV I wouldn’t look anywhere else but the Armada it’s a family truck or a bachelor. My only disappointment was that it didn’t snow and I would have love to see the all wheels drive in action, it actually has a feature that is just for snowy days that I was dying to press since I got the truck, but don’t take from me you need to go get The Armada 2017 from the Nissan nearest you and experience it for yourself.

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