Nickelodeon Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are right around the corner and with so much to see, it’s a hard decision to figure out what should be given to who. I was invited to a Nickelodeon Holiday Gift preview, and let’s just say they did not disappoint. If you have a boy or girl around the ages of 2 to 8 they shared lots of upcoming toys from many of their shows. They had a beautiful shimmer and shine playhouse, that I wish I could have had back in my days. They also had crafty products like the Shimmer and Shine Color N Style bag which your artsy child can enjoy coloring in themselves before they get to show it off. A colorful and perfectly sized Paw Patrol bicycle, that can be used for a beginner, or pop the training wheels off for the Big Kid. Plus some awesome Paw Patrol gear to wear while riding around the park. For bigger kids, they had a huge variety for TMNT. From slippers to sneakers, to WWE TMNT Superstars. I know those will for sure be on our Christmas wish list!

Perfect old school Nickelodeon merchandise for all you 90’s babies out there! Who doesn’t remember wanting to be apart of their cool family shows like Legends of the Hidden Temple? I always wanted to be a Blue Barracuda! You can’t forget about Hey Arnold, and The Rugrats. Classics that you can have your own kids watch now. They had so much gear that I would wear myself. The reptar book bag and the rugrats converse shoes were definitely my favorites.

Then it is quite impossible to say Nickelodeon and not think of two things that start with the letter S – Spongebob, and Slime. I mean how cool would we all look in this Spongebob Square Pants onesie? And don’t lie, Slime is still one of the funnest things to get your hands on, no matter how old you are!

All in all it was quite a lot to see, and so much to add to my very own wish list. It was as if Nickelodeon read my mind, because I was able to find a gift for almost every person on my list as I walked around the room.

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