All About The New Babies”R”Us

In July Babies R Us hosted a re-branding event in NYC with the beautiful Daphne Oz, from The Chew on ABC. The event took place in the spacious La Sirena Ristorante. The space was beautifully lit and had just about every station a parent needs after a tough week with the kids. There was massages, manicures, and make up stations all ready for us to unwind and relax. Appetizers were going around as we mingled and took in each station. After an hour or so it was time to sit for lunch and hear all about the new Babies r us!

Lunch was served and it was delicious. Daphne Oz came out to talk to us about real parenting moments, because let’s face it we can act like we got it all together, but who truly does? Being a parent is a high demand job, and you will feel unprepared at times for it, but Babies r us wants you to know it’s okay for things to not always go as you expect. And through struggling times Babies r us will be there to help you pick up the pieces and put them together. Whether it be figuring out what to purchase for each stage, or even car safety. They have decided to put the real in parenting so it feels more relatable and no pressure. We already have to deal with our own mom guilt, and work stress – so why not let Babies r us help us at least be prepared-ish! Through humor and honesty they are showing us that this parenting stuff is a whirl wind but we can make the best of it.

They showed us a couple of video clips to lunch their re-branding focusing on how Babies r us can help you be “prepared-ish” and it was scenarios almost every parent has been through, just to show we are all the same and in this together. We don’t need to fit in a million parenting classes to our schedule, or research strollers for three hours. It was a perfect event to remind us all that it sure does take a village, and Babies r us is part of this village. 


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