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Black & White Street Fashion Featuring Vans

So excited to get back into writing fashion posts for the gang. This week we are featuring the classic Vans sneaker. Since all the kids had birthdays in September and DJ this month their uncle gifted all of them with a fresh pair of kicks. So since I knew we were going to be in the city for an event I decided to coordinate them in comfy street inspired outfits.  You cant go wrong with black & white  which is our theme for the looks.

Abraham is literally slaying it with a black tee and grey joggers all from Kid City stores for a total of $13. You know how we roll bougie on a budget hehe. He also wear glasses now! He is rocking silver aviators for the old school vibe.


DJ has on his favorite joggers from Adidas and a Nike tee-shirt and Nike backpack. He is also rocking a black bandanna and oversize wayfarers.


Esther top was actually a dress put we decided to play around and make it high low top. The vest is attached to the top also from Kid City.  Paired with some legging with gold knee patches from Marshals.


Mimi is wearing high waisted knee cut jeans from boohoo. She has on one of my all time favorite Disney finds which I purchased at a local store called Fallas in downtown Brooklyn. Mickey and Minnie are absolutely adorable and edgy .

Paired all the outfits with the classic high top Vans. You can dress your kids in similar colors and styles with out being to matchy matchy . I hope you enjoyed the looks looking forward to coming up with more looks for this fall stay tuned.

What are your favorite color combinations for your kids?

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